The current operational leadership is:

  • Chief Chris Jenkins
  • Captain Scott Smoot
  • Lieutenant Spencer Jenkins

The current Board of Directors are:

  • President: Lloyd Winters
  • Vice President: Scott Hounshell
  • Treasurer: Jackie Wampler
  • Secretary: William Weber


In 1946 a fire broke loose on, The Woolen Mill’s owner, Mr. Lawrence’s property.  Mr. Lawrence called Winchester Virginia’s fire and rescue department three times to request their assistance in the extinguishment of the blaze. Winchester agreed to help him but it came at a cost.  On the third and final call Bill Lawrence, agreed to pay the fee.  Unfortunately, by the time he agreed to pay it was too late.  Mr. Lawrence and his family’s home was a total loss.  After this event it was decided that there was a dire need for a fire department in the Clear Brook, Virginia area.  Numerous local landowners, including Mr. Lawrence, came together and organized this much needed department.  Clear Brook Fire and Rescue was established later that year.  Clear Brook was the third fire department in Frederick County.  Clear Brook was the first station established North of Winchester.  The station was a two bay building with a few rooms for living quarters.  The department stayed a strictly fire department until an ambulance was purchased by Strasburg Rescue Squad in 1988.  In 1991 a four bay addition was added to the existing station to allow for more room for apparatus to provide adequate services for the rapidly growing area. In 1995 the station met the ever growing needs of the community by purchasing a second EMS unit.  Clear Brook was strictly volunteer until the late 1990’s when the stations first career person was assigned to the station.  At the fifty year mark in 1996 the station was responsible for taking care of a population of approximately 7,200 civilians.  In 1996 the station responded to 948 calls. Now, the station covers a 66 square mile area with a population over 11,000.  The station houses two pumpers, a tanker, a brush truck, and two ALS units.  These units are now staffed 24-7 with a combined staff of both career and volunteer personnel.



  • Clearbrook Volunteer Fire Department was established under Chief D.J O’Connell and President W. H. Lawrence Jr.


–              Mr. Earl Shade donated an International pickup truck for the department to use at cost.


–              A dry fire hydrant was placed in the town of Brucetown so that a truck could go to the pool 800 feet away and chare the pipe so that they could have water at the other end.  It was located between the properties of Charles R. Duvall and Denver Shields.


  • The department committed to answering any call anywhere at any time within Frederick County due to a stalemate between the County Board of Supervisors and the City Departments.


  • The Frederick County Firefighter’s Association was established.


  • The Frederick County fire dispatching phone was moved to the Polly Cab Office.
  • A new fire truck was purchased from the Four Wheel Drive Company. “The truck will have an International motor and transmission.  The truck will be without fancy chrome and trim but, will be a plain workable piece of apparatus” (Mr. Lawrence 1955).


  • The department broke 100 calls a year for the first time at 128 alarms.


  • The first addition to the building was completed.


  • June 23rd, 1981; Clearbrook Fire Department became and incorporated. Its new name became Clear Brook Volunteer Fire Company Incorporated.


  • The department bought their first Halligan Bar.
  • A mutual aid agreement with the City of Winchester was created to protect paid members of the city when coming into the county.


  • A 1982 Ford 4X4 ambulance with 49,000 miles was purchased from Strasburg Rescue Squad for $10,000. This would be the departments first transport unit.


  • Tommy Price led the way in having the department’s first EMT class with 17 members attending.
  • A 60’x70’x15’ four bay addition was voted on and approved to be built for $41,482 as per L. H. Lipscomb’s estimate.


  • Frederick County Board of Supervisors placed a bid of $250,000 for a ladder truck from Texas and won.


  • The current Wagon 13 was delivered and placed in service.